Part 2 of my quest to highlight to you some interesting goalie brands that aren’t immediately considered by the regular consumer. 

React Goalkeeping

React logo
Another newcomer to the world of goalkeeping gloves, React Goalkeeping is headed by Michael O’Doherty. They are based in the UK and currently offer 2 models of glove, a negative cut & roll finger cut.

Where to buy – React Goalie gloves



Established in early 2007, Pro-GK was founded by Glen Johnson & Mel Capleton. They have an impressive 47 professional goalkeepers currently wearing the brand. The big break came upon release of their revolution range, which is proving a popular selection of 6 different types of gloves.

Where to buy – Pro-GK gloves


WGK Gloves

Professional goalkeeper Richard Wright released his own brand of gloves in 2008. Unlike many of his glove manufacturuer counterparts, WGK immediately produced products with a higher retail value, looking to go for a more premium business impression. They currently have 3 models of glove available.

Where to buy – WGK gloves


The One Glove

The One Glove company was launched in 2004. As the name suggests, for many years they only stocked one type of glove, aiming for an affordable and quality wear. Recently they have added a second glove to their product range, the JPS, Joint Protection System, which contains removeable spines.

Where to buy – The One Glove

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